Collection: BHP Martumili Collaboration Cycling Kit

Purpose: Identity, Sustainability and Social Value

BHP has long been a supporter of the communities in which it operates. Given its visibility and corporate profile in Western Australia, the BHP brand has been conspicuously absent amongst the cycling community for some time, even though many of us employees are avid cyclists. With the BHP Martumili Collaboration cycling kit the intent is to create a unique identity for BHP amongst the cycling community (in WA and beyond) and celebrate our links to this land and its traditional owners.

By collaborating with the Martumili Artists of Newman to showcase a unique culture in a new way, this cycling kit becomes a mobile canvas and an opportunity for us to share the story of the Martu people, the artist and the artwork with a new audience. This endeavour embodies inclusion, diversity, social value and our charter value of sustainability. This endeavour has a purpose.


Learn more about the artist and the artwork here:

Conditions and general information

  • The licence for use of the artwork on this kit has been funded by BHP. Therefore purchase of the BHP Martumili Collaboration cycling kit is only open to BHP employees.
  • Orders are collated by Pedal Mafia until a minimum number of orders to progress a production run is reached. It may take 5-6 weeks from the time of order until the kit is delivered.
  • Payment is required in full in order to be included in a production run.
  • As these kits are custom made garments, returns and exchanges due to incorrect sizing is not possible, unless related to manufacturing defects. Sizing runs larger than typical European/Italian cycling kit.


Please feel free to contact Jeremy Outschoorn ( if you have any further questions or require additional information.