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Women's Core Cargo Bib - Life Cycle Blue

Women's Core Cargo Bib - Life Cycle Blue

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The Pro Cargo Bib has been redeveloped & contemporized to address the three disciplines of modern-day cycling: Exploration, Transportation, and Competition.

The multi-functional bib combines comfort & durability, mindfully constructed with a sustainable, environmentally conscious approach.

The Pro Cargo Bib is made with a 75% recycled warp knit lycra fitted against an all-ventilated elastic brace, enhancing garment elasticity to maximize comfort.

To increase the utility of the Pro Bib, we’ve included two additional side pockets suitable for small cargo, i.e. phone, sustenance, or light vest.

Featuring our patented SAT Elevation Chamois, which has been hydrophobically treated, The Pro Cargo Bib is designed to carry you through the seasons.

Experience exceptional comfort in any climate.


Usage: All Disciplines

Distance: All-day comfort

Fabric: Tech dense-knit fabric panel

Gripper: Pro (70mm)

Brace: Anti-chafe seamless strap


Colour: Blue

Density: 140kg/m³

Layers: 5

Foam: TRS2

Fabric: Soft-Tech Hydrophilic

Antimicrobial: Yes

S.A.T: Yes

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